Leyland Congress 2010

The event took place at Wellfield High School - Saturday 28 August to Monday 30 August 2010.

There were 101 participants.


1st Alan Walton 3C's 5 £200
2nd= Mike Sutrees Bolton £200
Chris Duran Chester
Dominic Rabbitte Heywood
Grading Prize= John Lyth Morecambe 4 £25
Michelle Rabbitte Heywood

Major (Under 170)

1st JP Wareing £200
2nd= Martin Sheard Barnsley £50
Phil Armstrong Oldham
Robert Taylor Preston
Grading Prize U156= Richard Desmedt Wombwell £10
Gary Minchcliffe Barnsley
Martin Burns Stockport
Martin Worrall Taunton
Neil Coward Blackpool

Minor (Under 135)

1st= Adam Taylor Colchester 5 £150
Trevor Dickerson
3rd= David Ramsey Preston £25
Steve Clare Wallasey
Grading Prize 126-106 Kyle Reed Hagley £50
Grading Prize U106 Stuart Calderbank Strafford 4 £50

Eric Wandless-Renton Trophy - Henry Broadley

Leyland Chess Club Trophy - Bill Clews