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Last day to enter online2023-10-20
Entries after 2023-10-14£10 late fee
Entries after 2023-10-19 20:00£15 late fee
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15th West Surrey 2023 Standard Play

Therfield School, Dilston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7NZ

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2023

5-Round ECF rated Swiss tournament with two FIDE rated sections

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  • Chess-Results and Pairings
  • Sections

    SectionFIDE Major (U2200 ECF)FIDE Minor (U1700 ECF)
    Entry Fee£50 (£62 Silver/ Bronze/ non ECF)£40 (£52 Silver/ Bronze/ non ECF)
    First Prize£200£150
    Second Prize£90£70
    Third Prize£40£30
    Highest Scorer of Opposite Sex to Winner Prize *£50£40
    Rating * Prize£45£35

    An unrated winner is limited to a prize of 50% of the advertised first prize.

    * Rating and Opposite Sex to Winner Prize Regulations:

  • The rating prizes will be calculated on W-We, where W is the number of points scored, We is the expected number of points based on the difference between the ratings of the players in the game.
  • A player is only eligible for rating or highest scorer of opposite sex to winner prizes if —

  • The player has not defaulted any games in the tournament, and
  • The player had not withdrawn from the tournament (or taken a Bye in the final round)
  • Unrated Players are not eligible for rating prizes.
  • Where there is a tie for a rating prize or highest scorer of opposite sex to winner prize, the prize shall be won by the lowest-rated player involved in the tie.
  • Minimum three male and three female players for highest scorer of opposite sex to winner prize to be awarded.
  • Where a player wins a place prize and a rating prize or highest scorer of opposite sex to winner prize, the player will be awarded whichever prize is of the higher value.
  • ECF Pay to play fee:

    Silver, Bronze or none members of the English Chess Federation (ECF) pay an additional £12.

    The organisers reserve the right to:

  • Redistribute, in whole or in part, any prize won by a competitor who has won or shared a prize.
  • Transfer entrants between Minor or Major sections.
  • Withhold prizes from ungraded players if they play in events below their known strength.
  • Take any other measures deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the congress.

    Entries received after Saturday 14 October 2023, if accepted, will require additional £10 Late entry fee'.

    Entries received after 17:00 Thursday 19 October 2023, if accepted, will require additional £15 Late, late entry fee'.

    No entries will be accepted after Friday 20 October 2023.

    A player may withdraw at any point up to close of early bird entry, Saturday 14 October 2023 subject to a £9 administration fee. Withdrawal after this date forfeits the full entry fee.


    In both sections players will be paired using Swiss-Manager. Pairings will be posted at (see above for link) and at the venue. No discussion will be entered into concerning the pairings.

    Nobody gets knocked out and players are expected to play all five rounds.

    A ½ point bye may be requested in advance, except in round 5 when a bye may be requested, but will be for zero points.

    Default time is 30 minutes. If your opponent has not arrived within 30 minutes of the start of a round they will be defaulted and you should report to the Controller’s desk for repairing. Repairing may be made for each player whose opponent has not arrived within the default time and for any player otherwise having a full-point bye. If repairing is possible players will have an adjusted amount of time equivalent to the remaining time in the round from when the repaired game commences.

    Players wishing to withdraw or change a ½ point bye request should advise the Control Desk as soon as possible ahead of pairings being made for the next round.


    1 point for a win, ½ for a draw or 0 for a loss.


    Times below will be kept to unless a game continues past the expected round end time when play will continue for the next round as soon as possible after the current round ends for all competitors with the exception of those whose game(s) caused the round start delay who will be given a ten minute break without penalty before commencing their next round.

    There will not be any prize giving! Anybody who believes they have or might win a money prize should complete a 'Bank Details Form' and hand it to Mrs Emma-Jane Billington-Phillips then they will be able to leave. The prize winners (once calculated) will be displayed on the chess-results webpage and any prize money will be paid via BACS within 3 working days after the event.

    Arrival From09:00Saturday 21st October 2023
    Saturday 21st October 2023Round 109:30
    Saturday 21st October 2023Round 213:00
    Saturday 21st October 2023Round 316:30
    Arrival From10:00Sunday 22nd October 2023
    Sunday 22nd October 2023Round 410:30
    Sunday 22nd October 2023Round 514:00

    Time Control:

  • In both sections there will be 5 rounds played with digital clocks on all boards. Clocks will be at a rate of all moves in 80 minutes plus 10 second increments per move per player.
  • Rating

  • Players' ratings will be determined by using (in order) ECF Standard/ ECF Rapid/ FIDE Standard/ FIDE Rapid.
  • Unrated players must provide evidence for the organisers to assess their playing strength and any previous known rating must be declared (players who have never been rated do not need to).
  • If possible, the most up to date Rating List will be used to determine a player's rating. For players who do not appear in the September List, other lists may be used at the discretion of the organisers.
  • Rating Information - It is a condition of entry that players agree to their rating information being published on FIDE and the ECF websites.
  • Attention Parents: Can you help?

    If you can volunteer to help in the playing hall during play on the day then please email us at: one does not need any specific chess knowledge for this as an arbiter will be there, one will only need to take results of a section.

    Other Information

  • No player may win more than one prize. In the event of a tie the prize money will be split among all tying players.
  • It is recommended that all players in all sections record their games, scoresheets and pencils will be available to use. If you are unable to record, then there is a great video on how to here: ""
  • If a player would like to play to try a tournament for their first time or are a beginner, they should enter the ‘Minor’ section, unless they are rated above 1700 ECF in which case they are ‘too strong’ for the Minor section and will have to play in the Major section.
  • Contact details will be stored on a computer for sending out details of future events organised by
  • and controllers accept no responsibility for any damage, theft or accident to the person or property of any competitor, or other visitor at this event. Nor are they responsible for the effects of actions of anyone else attending this event.
  • Free Parking at the school.
  • Electronic Devices. All electronic devices; mobile phones / alarms/ Fitbits/ smart watches must be fully turned off (not merely muted) and not on your person/ in a bag you are carrying either during a game or in the playing hall while games are still in progress. If you have an electronic device with you, ensure it is switched off and either placed on the table or kept in a bag on the floor for the entirety of your game. A player must not use any electronic device during a game without the controller’s explicit permission. In particular, a player whose mobile phone or other electronic device sounds during a game will forfeit the game. Any electronic device must not leave the table (or the bag it is in leave the playing room) even if you need to go to the toilet during your game. After your game has ended and you have given in your result please take your device or bag with you, but only switch any electronic device on after you have left the playing hall.
  • FIDE Laws of Chess taking effect from 1 January 2023 apply.
  • Refreshments, unfortunately, there will be no refreshments available at the venue, however, there is a shop and café a short 5-minute walk away. Alternatively, you may bring a packed lunch, but please ensure you keep food out of the playing rooms and do not bring any NUTs onto the premises.
  • The Wednesday before the event we will email all entrants’ players details and other useful information, please check your entrant details are correct and let us know of any errors or omissions.
  • In all disputes the decision of the arbiter is final.
  • collects personal data solely for the purposes of our events and to share some of this data with the English Chess Federation and FIDE for rating purposes. Results are displayed on Please see our policies and procedures

    Short Explanation of Terms

  • FIDE - The abbreviation for International Chess Federation but expressed in French as 'Fédération Internationale des Échecs' - website:
  • ECF - The abbreviation for English Chess Federation - website: ECF Web Site