Getting Started

The first steps to getting a new congress set up are:

  • Get a paypal account so you can collect payments!
  • Malcolm creates a new organisation to run congresses (eg Leyland Chess club, Somerset Chess etc. )
  • Malcolm creates a userid for you and assigns you to the new organisation. You will get an email explaining how to log in.
  • Malcolm creates a congress for you (by copying an existing one) owned by the new organisation. It should be set to inactive so not listed yet and payment method set to test paypal. For later congresses, you just copy the same one using the Cone button.
  • Malcolm sets up a new paypal payment using the email address connected to your paypal account
  • You customise the congress settings appropriately ( send Malcolm any new images you want made available, eg a picture of your venue )

If you forget your password, use the forgot password link and enter your email address.

Once logged in you can select your congress organisation from the list on the list hand side. Then select your congress and you will see the following tabs, only the first 3 are visible to people entering the congress (which you can see if you log off again)

  • Home This is the page where you direct people wanting to enter your congress. Most of the text is customisable and can be changed to say anything you like about your congress - perhaps a summary of the entry form
  • Enter This is where the user goes to enter the congress. Its the same place as where the "Enter Online" link takes you
  • Entrants This shows the list of entrants. It automatically shows anyone who has paid. The organiser can also add people, for example postal entries
  • ContactAccessible to all, allows anyone to contact the congress organisers. It will send an email to those listed as email recipients in the Edit tab
    Admin Accessible only to organisers who are logged in, this allows you to see who has entered, manually add or update entries, and get a spreadsheet of entrants.
  • Reports Accessible only to organisers, shows a report of adding up the entry fees of each section and showing paypal's cut.
  • Edit Accessible only to organisers, allows configuration of all the options on the entry form (sections, late entry, entry fees etc.)
  • View Accessible only to organisers, shows some of the options above