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ECU Girls’ and Women‘s Chess Weekend


Friday 14th May, 2021 - 16th May, 2021

You can take part in as many or as few of these events as you like, subject to restrictions

There is no charge for entry to any of these events, but please use the entry form to register your interest, to receive passwords etc to events

Confirm details on the official homepage as they may have changed since this page was created. Times on this page are British Summer Time (BST), on the homepage they are European Central Summer Time (ECST).
BST = ECST - 1 hour

From Deutschen Schachjugend (German Chess Youth)

We invite all European Girl’s and Women to join us for a weekend full of chess and fun!

The weekend is open to female chess players of all levels and consists of a wide range of events including tournaments, coaching sessions and simultaneous exhibitions with some of Europe’s strongest players. Different skill levels in tournaments and coaching sessions will thereby allow everyone to find the event that suits their level of chess.

Additionally, learn from some of Europe’s most successful female women what it is like to be a top class arbiter, how and when to eat to perform best at chess or what top tips titled players have about time management to combine chess, career and family.

Team Battle

16.05. 17:00 Lichess Arena Battle

Details will be sent of the lichess Team you must be a member of to take part. Only players eligible to represent Scotland can play on the Scottish Team

Simultaneous Exhibitions

Each Federation may nominate one player to take part in a simultaneous exhibition. To enter a random ballot for Scotland's place, click the Simultaneous check box on the entry form by 12th May. This is open to all levels as the final session is limited to players with a lichess rating below 1300

Date and Time Opponent
15.05. 13:30Simultaneous exhibition against WGM Laura Unuk, live commentary WIM Lara Janzelj & WIM Teja Vidic
15.05. 16:30Simultaneous exhibition against WFM Denise Trippold, live commentary WFM Nikola Mayrhuber
16.05. 10:00Simultaneous exhibition against WGM Petra Papp, live commentary WIM Inna Agrest
16.05. 14:00Simultaneous exhibition against GM Marie Sebag


To ensure only female players participate in the tournaments, all tournaments are password protected.
If you register here you will be sent the password by email

Get rid of your question mark

Tournament for beginners

These tournaments are for players who have a ? against their lichess rapid rating

Date and TimeLink
14.05. 15:30Qualifier 1 5+3
15.05. 10:30Qualifier 2 10+5
15.05. 16:30Qualifier 3 5+3
16.05. 10:00Qualifier 4 10+5


If you have a question mark after your lichess rapid rating, you need to play in the Get Rid of Your Question Mark tournament

Rating under 1300

Tournament for everyone with a lichess rating under 1300
Date and TimeLink
14.05. 16:00Qualifier 1 5+3
15.05. 11:00Qualifier 2 10+5
15.05. 16:00Qualifier 3 5+3
16.05. 10:30Qualifier 4 10+5

Rating under 1800

Tournament for everyone with a lichess rating under 1800
Date and TimeLink
14.05. 16:00 Qualifier 1 5+3
15.05. 11:00 Qualifier 2 10+5
15.05. 17:00 Qualifier 3 5+3
16.05. 10:30 Qualifier 4 10+5


Tournament for everyone without rating restriction

Date and TimeLink
14.05. 16:00 Qualifier 1 5+3
15.05. 11:00 Qualifier 2 10+5
15.05. 17:00 Qualifier 3 5+3
16.05. 10:30 Qualifier 4 10+5


The best players from the qualifiers will be invited to the final via lichess message

Every girl and woman who is not qualified for the finals can participate in the open tournament

Coaching Sessions

Places in the final coaching session will be given as prizes during the earlier competition. Other coaching sessions will be open to all

DateCoaching Session
15.05.Beginners coaching session
15.05.Coaching sessions with FM Jana Schneider (Zoom)
16.05.Coaching Sessions with WIM Lara Janzelj & WIM Teja Vidic (Twitch), GM Marie Sebag (Zoom)
16.05.Coaching sessions with WGM Petra Papp (Zoom)

Workshops and Debates

Date and TimeTopic
14.05. 18:30Opening event
15.05. 12:00Workshop: Eat and Win – What to eat and when to eat to perform at your best. Miriam Moerwald & IM Harald Schneider-Zinner
15.05. 14:00Presentation: Time Management: The endless chess struggle. WGM Regina Theissl-Pokorná
15.05. 16:00Workshop: My daughter wants to play chess
15.05. 18:00Workshop: How to start streaming
16.05. 10.30Round Table: How to publicly present and report about womens chess. IM Stefan Löffler.
16.05. 13:00Round Table: Do we need more female arbiters? Anemone Kulczak, Sandra Schmidt
16.05. 15:30Workshop: Working with a Women National Team. IM Harald Schneider-Zinner

Fair Play

The organisers will be using various methods to ensure Fair Play. All players representing Scotland at any event are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards of behaviour.

Further Information

Information on this page is taken from the official homepage of the tournament and may not be updated if the homepage is updated.

Please use the contact tab for any queries relating to Scotland's involvement in this event.

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