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Last day to enter online2021-06-06
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14th Online Scottish Chess Tour Weekend Event

Friday Evening Blitz - 9 Rounds
Friday 4 June - 19:30 to 21:30

Weekend Standard - Open - 5 Rounds - Cancelled
Friday 4 June - 19:45 to 21:45, Saturday & Sunday 5/6 June - 09:45 to 14:05
Please Note - The Open is not CS graded

Weekend Standard - Major (U1800) - 5 Rounds
Saturday 5 June - 09:30 to 16:55 & Sunday 6 June - 09:30 to 13:50
For players graded U1800 on the CS Live Allegro list
Please Note - The Major is CS graded

Weekend Standard - Minor (U1300) - 5 Rounds
Saturday 5 June - 09:30 to 16:55 & Sunday 6 June - 09:30 to 13:50
For players graded U1300 on the CS Live Allegro list
Please Note - The Minor is CS graded

Sunday Afternoon Allegro - 5 Rounds
Sunday 6 June - 14:20 to 18:00 (approx.)
Please Note - The Allegro is CS graded

There are no SCT Junior tournaments this weekend
If you are a Scottish junior, please play in the
Edinburgh Chess Academy Scottish Junior Tournament - website
If you are not eligible for the event or are not playing in the event,
you are welcome to enter in our other events

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Special Notes

Eligibility - Open to all Chess Scotland players plus those who have played in a recent Scottish Chess Tour event and those known to the organising & arbiting team. If you are unsure you meet our requirements, please contact us via the through the contact page. Please read the Conditions of Entry below. If you wish to make an enquiry, please use the Contact page.
You will need to join the 'Scottish Chess Tour' team and if you are playing in the blitz and allegro events, you will have to join each tournament. Further information is provided on the Friday afternoon before the event, if you do not receive this, please contact us.
Non UK Players - This competition is restricted to UK residents who meet our requirements. Non UK players must be known to the arbiting team and must first seek approval before entering. Any non UK players who enter before contacting us for approval will be withdrawn without a refund.

Fair Play - We use several methods to make sure you all play in a fair environment. To keep the Integrity of the tournament, we do not allow players to continue to participate in the tournament if their lichess account is closed for using computer assistance or we receive a exceptionally high ROI reading from Professor Ken Regan's FIDE Screening Tool.
A report to the Scottish Anti-Cheating Committee will be sent if any exceptionally high ROI readings from Professor Ken Regan's FIDE Screening Tool are identified. They will determine if further action is required.
Real names and Lichess handles will be displayed in the entries list and any external software we use.

Entry Fees

CS Member*
Non CS Member
* CS Member discount applies to the first tournament only.
A £2 reduction from the Non CS Member fee applies if you play in a second tournament.

Please use the on-line entry page to add your entry, then use the Pay button to pay by either Credit or Debit Card. Entries will be automatically entered onto the Entries page when your payment has been accepted.

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After entering and being accepted, if you will need to join the "Scottish Chess Tour" Team in if you are not already a member, which you must be a member of in order to play in the competition.

Sections and Byes

Everyone is in the same section. Half point byes are allowed in the standard section, rounds 1 to 4. The format is dependant on the number of entries, multiple sections may be used.

Ratings and Pairings

We will use the Tournament facility on for both the Blitz and the Allegro tournaments. This uses ratings.

We will use external pairing software for the Standard tournament where we use Chess Scotland Live Allegro gradings, or other lists as appropriate.

Games from the Allegro and the Standard are submitted to Chess Scotland for grading in the Chess Scotland Allegro list.

Rate of Play

Blitz - Each player will have 3 minutes plus a 2 second increment per move from move 1

Allegro - Each player will have 15 minutes plus a 5 second increment per move from move 1

Standard - Each player will have 45 minutes plus a 15 second increment per move from move 1

Time Table

Round 1Friday - 19:30
Rounds will be continuous, but we will make sure we have a short break between rounds.

Standard Open

Round 1Friday - 19:45
Round 2Saturday - 09:45
Round 3Saturday - 12:45
Round 4Sunday - 09:45
Round 5Sunday - 12:45

Standard Major and Minor

Round 1Saturday - 09:30
Round 2Saturday - 11:40*
LunchSaturday - 13:50
Round 3Saturday - 14:45
Round 4Sunday - 09:30
Round 5Sunday - 11:40*
* Times may vary a little if the previous games are longer than expected. If you require at least a 15 minute break, you will need to contact the arbiter and please contact your opponent to agree a start time.

Sunday Afternoon Allegro

Round 1Sunday - 14:20
Rounds will be continuous, but we will make sure we have a short break between rounds.

Conditions of Entry

The organisers reserve the right to:
  • Enforce the platform's anti-cheating rules
  • Eject people from the tournament
  • Juniors must obtain permission of a parent/guardian before playing
  • Players must be members of the platform's Scottish Chess Tour club/team
  • Transfer entrants between events
  • Split or merge events depending on numbers
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without assigning a reason
  • Take any other measures deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the event
  • Change the entry requirements and the running of the event in the light of experience gained

Where can I obtain further information?
Use the Contact Form to request further information or email