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Last day to enter online2023-01-29
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Sunday 29th January 2023

RedLibbets Golf Club, Manor Lane, Ash, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 7HT

Six Round Rapidplay Tournament - 20+5

ECF & FIDE rated: Open, U1800, U1600


Entry Fee£25



1st Prize£80£60£60
2nd Prize£50£40£40
Rating Prize£40£40£40

Players should be ECF members at Silver or above, otherwise there will be a £10 additional fee
Players without a Fide ID code will be registered as ENG.
Please enter early.

Rate of Play

Each player will have 20 minutes plus a 5 second increment per move from move 1.

Time Table

Please arrive by 10.00am in plenty of time to start the first round promptly.

There will be a slightly longer break between rd 3 and 4 for lunch.

Round 1: 10:30
Round 4: 2.00
Round 2: 11:30
Round 5: 3:00
Round 3: 12:30
Round 6: 4:00


RedLibbets Golf Club, Manor Lane, Ash, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 7HT

There is free car parking at the venue. The nearest train station is Longfield and then a 5-10 minute taxi.


RedLibbets Golf Club will have an open bar for drinks and light refreshments. There is also a buffet which will be serving: Mini Fish and Chips on a Cone, Homemade Tartar Sauce Mini Beef Sliders Coleslaw and Pickle A variety of filled Tortilla Wraps (GF, V) Potato wedges and dips Vegetable Spring Rolls, Chili Dip (V, VE) Chicken Goujons and dips / lunch


The latest ECF and FIDE Rapidplay Rating Lists will be used to determine a player’s ratings

To be eligible for the lower sections both ECF and FIDE ratings need to be below the limits.


There will be cash prizes as advertised. No player can win more than one prize and the organisers decision will be final.

Pairings, Sections & Clocks

All pairings will be done using swiss-manager software and displayed on

Default time is 10 minutes. After which re-pairing may be made for each player whose opponent has not arrived and for any player otherwise having a full-point bye.

In general, sections will not be merged. However, the Chief Arbiter reserves the right to merge if there is an insufficient number of entries in one or more sections. If merged, prizes will still be awarded to the participants of the original individual sections.

Digital clocks will be used in all sections and help will be given to anyone unfamiliar with them.

Fair Play Regulations

To comply with FIDE regulations - All mobile phones and electronic devices, including smart watches, must be switched off at all times in the playing area. They should be put on the control desk, face-down on the playing table, or in a bag under the desk that must not be moved whilst games are in play.

This rule also applies to spectators, parents and others that may come into the playing area.

Behaviour, parental supervision and disclaimers

Please treat the premises with respect and follow all signs and rules as requested.

A high standard of behaviour and respect for others and property is expected at all times. Players entering or leaving the playing area while other games are in progress should do so quietly.

The organisers and arbiters are unable to act in loco parentis for children. Parents/guardians/carers are responsible for their children throughout the entire duration of this event. Children under the age of 8 must remain under sole parental supervision throughout. Supervision of children over the age of 8 and teenagers may be shared between adults. However, parents/guardians should note that they are still ultimately responsible for their children and their behaviour at this event.

The organisers accept no responsibility for any damage, theft or accident to the person or property of any competitor, trainee or other visitor at this event. Nor are they responsible for the effects of actions of anyone else attending this event.

GDPR - Personal data is held solely for the purposes of our events. This is for administration and to inform you of future chess events. We share some data with the English Chess Federation and Fide for rating purposes. Results, grades and photos may be used on social media pages or in publicity unless informed otherwise. Please message with organisers if needed.