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Last day to enter online2023-12-27
Entries after 2023-12-24£10 late fee

LJCC Finals U8/U12/U16/U18/21

U8 Finals 29th&30th December 2023

U12,U16,U18/21 Finals 28th,29th & 30th December 2023

University of Westminster Harrow Campus, Northwick Park, Harrow, HA1 3TP

U8 is an ECF Rapidplay Tournament, U12 Minor is an ECF Standard Play Tournament, U12 Major/U16/U18/21 are FIDE rated Standard Play tournaments

Qualification necessary for U8, U12 Major and U12 Minor. No qualification necessary for U16,U18/21 sections.


SectionU8U12 MajorU12 MinorU16U18/21/Open
Entry Fee£25

(£27.50 non-Silver Members+)


(£52 non-Gold Members+)


(£42.50 non-Silver Members+)


(£57 non-Gold Members+)


(£42 non-Gold Members+)

1st. Prize£100£200£150£200£250

Please enter early, there are no entries on the day.

Rate of Play

U8: All moves in 30 minutes each plus 10 seconds per move. Rapidplay rules apply.

U12 Major: All moves in 80 minutes each plus 10 seconds per move.

U12 Minor: All moves in 70 minutes each plus 10 seconds per move.

U16: All moves in 90 minutes each plus 30 seconds per move.

U18/21/Open: All moves in 120 minutes each plus 30 seconds per move.


Please arrive by 9.30am in plenty of time to start the first round promptly.

U8 Timetable (7 Rounds) Friday 29th Dec & Saturday 30th Dec

Round 1: Friday 9.45am
Round 5: Saturday 9.45pm
Round 2: Friday 12.00pm
Round 6: Saturday 12.00pm
Round 3: Friday 2.00pm
Round 7: Saturday 2.00pm
Round 4: Friday 4.00pm
Prize giving: Saturday 4.00pm

U12 Timetable (9 rounds) Thursday 28th Dec - Saturday 30th Dec
Round 1: Thursday 9.45am
Round 4: Friday 9.45am
Round 7: Saturday 9.45am
Round 2: Thursday 1.00pm
Round 5: Friday 1.00pm
Round 8: Saturday 1.00pm
Round 3: Thursday 4.15pm
Round 6: Friday 4.15pm
Round 9: Saturday 4.15pm
Prizegiving Satuday 7.30pm

U16 Timetable (6 rounds) Thursday 28th Dec - Saturday 30th Dec
Round 1: Thursday 9.45am
Round 5: Saturday 9.45am
Round 2: Thursday 2.30pm
Round 6: Saturday 2.30pm
Round 3: Friday 9.45am
Prize giving: Saturday 6.30pm
Round 4: Friday 2.30pm

U18/21/Open Timetable (6 rounds) Thursday 28th Dec - Saturday 30th Dec
Round 1: Thursday 9.45am
Round 5: Saturday 9.45am
Round 2: Thursday 3.30pm
Round 6: Saturday 3.30pm
Round 3: Friday 9.45am
Prize giving: Saturday 8.30pm
Round 4: Friday 3.30pm

University of Westmister, Harrow Campus, Northwick Park, HA1 3TP

There is a large car park at the venue. Approx cost £8 per day. The nearest Underground stations are Northwick Park (4 mins walk) and Harrow on the Hill (10 mins walk). Kenton is the nearest Overground station (6 mins walk) with trains direct from Euston and Watford Junction. Buses 114, 182, 183 and 186 pass the Campus.


We hope canteen facilities will be open for breakfast from 9 am and will serve until 4pm each day. Vending machines are available.


There will be a professional bookshop on site throughout the event including sets, scorebooks, and titles specifically suited to juniors. Please see for more details.


The December rating list will be used to determine players' ratings


Cash prizes in all sections. Trophies for highest placed boy and girl in each section

Pairings, Sections & Clocks

All pairings will be done using swiss-manager software and displayed on Default time is 30 minutes in U16/18/21/Open, 20 minutes in U12, and 15 mins in U8. After which re-pairing may be made for each player whose opponent has not arrived and for any player otherwise having a full-point bye.

In general, sections will not be merged. However, the Chief Arbiter reserves the right to merge if there is an insufficient number of entries in one or more sections. If merged, prizes will still be awarded to the participants of the original individual sections.

Digital clocks will be used in all sections and help will be given to anyone unfamiliar with them.

Behaviour, parental supervision and disclaimers

LJCC is grateful to the University for the use of their facilities. Please treat the premises with respect and follow all signs and rules as requested.

A high standard of behaviour and respect for others and property is expected at all times. Players leaving the playing area while other games are in progress should do so quietly and should not return to the playing area after their game is finished.

LJCC and its officials are unable to act in loco parentis for children. Parents/guardians/carers are responsible for their children throughout the entire duration of this event.

LJCC has adopted the ECF Safeguarding policy which can be found on the ECF website.

LJCC and helpers accept no responsibility for any damage, theft or accident to the person or property of any competitor, or other visitor at this event. Nor are they responsible for the effects of actions of anyone else attending this event.

LJCC collects personal data solely for the purposes of our events and to share some of this data with the English Chess Federation for rating purposes. Results are displayed on the LJCC website and Please see our privacy policy at

LJCC may take photographs at the event. No photographs will be published without prior permission

If you have any queries please email: