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Last day to enter online2023-12-15
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15th Northwick Park Five Round Chess Congress

Saturday 16th December & Sunday 17th December 2023

University of Westminster Marylebone Hall, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

Standard Play Tournaments

OPEN FIDE rated, MAJOR U1860 FIDE rated, MINOR U1500 ECF rated


SectionOpenMajor U1860 FIDEMinor U1500 ECF
Entry Fee£30

(£42 non-Gold Members+)


(£38 non-Gold Members+)


(£32 non-Silver Members+)

1st. Prize£220£180£160

Rate of Play

Open: All moves in 90 minutes each plus 30 seconds added per move.

Major and Minor: All moves in 75 minutes each plus 30 seconds added per move.


Please arrive in plenty of time to start the first round promptly.

Round 1: Saturday 9.00am
Round 4: Sunday 9.30am
Round 2: Saturday 1.30pm
Round 5: Sunday 2.00pm
Round 3: Saturday 6.00pm
Prize Giving: Sunday 6.30pm

Major & Minor
Round 1: Saturday 9.45am
Round 4: Sunday 9.45am
Round 2: Saturday 1.45pm
Round 5: Sunday 1.45pm
Round 3: Saturday 5.45pm
Prize Giving: Sunday 6.00pm


University of Westminster Marylebone Hall, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS


We hope canteen facilities will be open for breakfast from 9 am and will serve until 4pm each day. Vending machines are available.


Tim Onions will be in attendance at the event with his professional bookshop


The December rating list will be used to determine players' ratings

The Major has a rating limit of 1860 FIDE, The Minor has a rating limit of 1500 ECF

All results will be sent for Standard Play rating with the ECF.

The Open and Major will also be FIDE rated


Cash prizes in all sections.

Pairings, Sections & Clocks

All pairings will be done using swiss-manager software and displayed on chess-results.com. Default time is 20 minutes. After which re-pairing may be made for each player whose opponent has not arrived and for any player otherwise having a full-point bye. Digital clocks will be used in all sections.

Unrated Players in the Minor

These rules apply to players without a Standard Play rating of type A to D.

A FIDE rating will be converted to an ECF rating. Players with a Rapidplay rating only must use this. Please contact the organiser if there is any doubt regarding the section in which you wish to play.

The following rules apply to all other players.

Other unrated players must include details of events they have played in during the period May to December 2023 to help the Congress Manager ensure that they are playing in the correct section.

The Congress Manager will use all available information to place players in the correct section. If information becomes available after an entry is accepted then a player may be transferred at any time.

An unrated winner is limited to a prize of 60% of the advertised first prize. Any additional funds will be allocated to the other prize winners.

LJCC has adopted the ECF Safeguarding policy which can be found on the ECF website.

LJCC and helpers accept no responsibility for any damage, theft or accident to the person or property of any competitor, or other visitor at this event. Nor are they responsible for the effects of actions of anyone else attending this event.

LJCC collects personal data solely for the purposes of our events and to share some of this data with the English Chess Federation for rating purposes. Results are displayed on the LJCC website and chess-results.com. Please see our privacy policy at ljcc.co.uk If you have any queries please email: entry@ljcc.co.uk