Admin Tab - Congress Administration

This option allows the congress organiser to modify congress entries by selecting them from the list. for example if they now want a bye in a different round,. or they want to withdraw or change sections.

Payment Status Filter
Filter the displayed list of entries according to different status as shown below.
  • All - displays all entries
  • All Entered - displayed all people who have paid (PAID or ADMIN_PAID or ADMIN_FREE )
  • PAID - entries in this state are ones where they have paid in paypal
  • CREATED - entries in this state have been created but the user hasn't pressed the pay button
  • SUBMITTED - for entries in this state, the user pressed the pay button but either didn't pay or the payment failed in paypal
  • ADMIN_ADD - for entries added manually by the administrator but they haven't paid yet
  • ADMIN_PAID - for entries added manually by the administrator where they have paid
  • ADMIN_FREE - for entries added manually by the administrator where the entrants is to be given free entry
  • WITHDRAWN - where the entrant has withdrawn
  • PENDING - the payment in paypal can be pending where payment has been made by use of a post data E-cheque or possibly a foreign currency transfer that has not completed.

The congress organiser can edit entries and move them between these stats manually if needed.

Add Entry
For the administrator to manually add an entry eg a postal one
Entrants List
The list of entries can be extracted into Excel in 5 different formats:
  • Standard - oriented to give you a list of entries to print off, or use for generating pairing cards.
  • Swiss Manager Rating - oriented for feeding into a pairing program - has surname first in players name and uses the DOB from the ecf list in order to make it more likely that a grading file can be generated from it with no intervention. This can be loaded as a rating file into Swiss Manager then you have to select the players manually off it,
  • Entries - has everything from the entry - also may includes people who didn't pay and so their entry isn't completed properly (eg Entry status=SUBMITTED)
  • Section (Swiss Manager) - One file for each section. Can be imported directly into Swiss Manager via Other Data - Import /Export. In the left hand side select Import Type - Player Data, Seperator set to ; (semi colon), START button,

    (select *.txt files to the right of the filename) select the correct file to import.

    Press the open button. Press OK.

  • Section (Vega) - One file for each section. Can be imported directly into Vega. First download this file and save to your PC. Then in Players Archive tab, use Set Filter (bottom right) option, then Load Filter to load in the file OnLineEntry.flt (just downloaded above). Press Done. Then Database 1 tab, and Set DB, select the .CSV file you exported from the online entry system. Type six *'s (******) into the box above the set filter option and all the players should appear. You can now add then individually using "Add Selected" or by selecting the top one, then the bottom one whilst holding the shift key down, import them all in one go.