Entrants Tab

Once someone has paid at paypal or been added by an administrator they will appear on the entrants list.

The idea of the tourny rating column is that it will show the rating to be used in the congress. For example if it is a FIDE rated congress, then it will show their FIDE rating if they have one, otherwise it will show the ordinary standard play rating. If the organiser specifies a rating for an entrant then that will be shown here in preference. The source column shows where the tourny rating came from. There is a list under the admin tab on the left hand side showing how the system decides which rating to use.

When someone tries to enter a congress it checks that their tourny rating is under the section limit. For example for someone entering a FIDE rated event under 2200 it will first look to see if they have a FIDE rating of under 2200, but if they don't have a FIDE rating at all it will then look at their national rating to see if that is under 2200, It then tries their rapid rating.