High Priority Issues

  • If the user clicks on the link to take them back after payment, they might get this error message "Notice: Undefined index: business in PayPalPaymentPPSPaymentMethodController::PayPalValidateIPNVariables() (line 84 of /home/lnvs5xbe00tb/public_html/drupal-7.91/sites/all/modules/contrib/paypal_payment/paypal_payment_pps/includes/PayPalPaymentPPSPaymentMethodController.inc)."
    I have no idea how to stop it!
  • It should force you to enter a first name if you press the Lookup Player button

Possible future enhancements:

  • Option to pay by bank transfer. After entering the user would be shown the bank details. The organiser would be sent an email telling them to approve the entry. The organiser would have to check their bank statement to see if the payment had arrived, and then approve the entry. Only then would it appear in the entrants list
  • explore implementing in terms of "Current Rating based fees" is as per following Table (to keep things simple, no refunds needed if ratings increase ahead of tournament) :

    FIDE / ECF Rating U1550 U1950 Open
    Unrated/ *P_Rated £50 £60 £70
    1000-1549 £40 £50 £60
    1550-1949 X £40 £50
    1950 & above X X £40

  • Don't show the age prompt if we already have a FIN or they are on the grading list.
  • Enhancements to the entry form - eg search by rating code / PNUM, and anthony finding tony etc. Make it clearer that the fields populated by the lookup player button can't be filled in manually
  • If the ECF database does not have someone's FIN in a FIDE event, they get two versions of themselves in the selection list: one with a FIN and no ECF code, and one with an ECF code and no FIN - possibly it should let them enter their FIN if they know it ?
  • Option to pay via Stripe instead of Paypal
  • Have an easy way of uploading an entry form and automatically having a link to it on the congress home page
  • Force people to select a section ( by having non selected initially ) so they are less likely to enter the wrong one.
  • If the system knows if they are a member or not. then they shouldn't need to select that they are ( or at least it should warn them if they haven't )
  • Allow organisers to upload and resize images to 100 pixels high so I don't need to.
  • Allow organisers to specify the Paypal email address so I don't need to.
  • Allow users to select Mass eMail option with contact lists from one or more events , Not necessarily All events as some of the events may be related from a geography point of view etc. Also, to add email Id/s to contact list for cases where manual same day (of tournament) entries have been made for the event
  • For contact form emails put the senders email address into the message to avoid the organiser having to know they can reply to it.
  • Make the congress entry screen clearer - maybe one step to say who you are and a second to pick yourself from the grading list. Perhaps allow Tony to search for Anthony, Bill for William.
  • Free entry for IM or GM.
  • An organiser definable field asking for extra information. (eg London Junior unique qualification code )

Non-urgent issues

  • When upgrade to PHP 8 is done, Office gives errors for Reports in Excel format - solvable by upgrading php/office
  • Happens on each payment processed: Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in chr_curl_http_request() (line 243 of /home/popmalco/public_html/drupal-7.98/sites/all/modules/contrib/chr/chr.module).