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Last day to enter online2023-08-17
Entries after 2023-08-17£10 late fee
Places Remaining50


August 18th - 20th 2023

18-20 August 2023 at Sandwich Technology School, Deal Road, Sandwich, CT13 0FA

5-Round ECF rated Swiss tournament

Open is FIDE-rated

Pairings and Results will be posted at


SectionOpenMajor U2000Intermediate U1750Minor U1500
Entry Fee£35£35£35£35
First Prize£300£300£300£300
Second Prize£200£200£200£200
Third Prize£100£100£100£100

Entry fees above are for ECF Gold members in the Open and Silver members in the other sections. The congress is charged a pay to play grading fee by the ECF of £12 for all players in the Open who are not Gold members or higher, and £9 for players who are not Silver members or higher, playing in any of the other three sections. Regrettably, we must, therefore charge any non-ECF Silver, Gold or Platinum members the appropriate additional game fee. Prizes will be paid by bank transfer.

ENTRIES WILL BE BASED ON THE LATEST AVAILABLE ECF RATING LIST Please enter as soon as possible using your current rating. A player whose new rating qualifies them for a different section may elect to transfer to a lower section; or, a player whose new rating qualifies for a higher section may elect to be transferred at no extra charge or to withdraw and receive a full refund.


Postal entries received after Thursday 17th August 2023, if accepted, will require a £10 late entry fee.

On-line entries will be accepted up to midnight on 17th August 2023. Very late entries will be paired at the controller’s discretion. Entries on the day - cash only please – will carry a £10 surcharge.


90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move from start of game (all sections).


Round start times 1. Friday 19.00 2. Saturday 10.00 3. Saturday 15.00 4. Sunday 10.00 5. Sunday 15.00

Controller In any dispute, the Controller’s decision will be final.

Late arriving more than 30 minutes - Such players will be deemed to have lost by default unless the Controller can re-pair them satisfactorily. Players whose opponents are late arriving please report to the controller for re-pairing.

Withdrawing Players wishing to withdraw should inform a congress official beforehand.

Bye option Players may opt to take one half-point by, for one of Round 1, 2, 3 or 4, provided this single bye is requested at the time of entry.

Ungraded player prizes The maximum prize money that can be won by any unrated player playing in the Challenger, Intermediate or Minor tournaments will be limited to £100.

Parking There is ample parking at the venue.

NO SMOKING As the venue is an educational establishment, there must be no smoking on site, and all participants and all associated with them are deemed to have agreed to refrain from smoking on site for the duration of this event.

Refreshments & Contact Refreshments are available during the Congress. During the Congress only, an official may be contacted on 07921159109

The Organisers reserve the right to transfer a player to an alternative section, or to refuse any entry without giving any reason for so doing. The Organisers reserve the right to vary competition limits in the light of entry response.

SCCU CHAMPIONSHIP The Southern Counties Chess Union’s Individual Championship 2023-24 will be awarded to the highest placed eligible competitor (subject to tie-break) in the Thanet FIDE Open. That player will lift the Glenroy Cup, a £100 prize, and be offered a qualification place for the 2024 British Championships.