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Scottish Championship Open & Reserve (U1800)

Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline KY11 8DY

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7th-9th July 2023

Chess Scotland is delighted to announce this year's Scottish Championships will be held at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline, as a weekend open tournament, 7th - 9th July 2023.

Both Chess Scotland members and non-members are welcome to participate in both sections (Championship and Reserve sections). Players of all nationalities are welcome to enter but titles will only be awarded to eligible players.

Ian Brownlee is the Tournament Director, with Alex McFarlane as Chief Arbiter.

General enquiries regarding the championships should be made directly to Ian Brownlee email: or mobile 07899 832770

Enquiries about event entries should be made to CS Secretary Karen Howie email:


Live Games



Results and Pairings



Time Controls

Each player has 1 hour and 50 mins +10 sec increment from the start.



Please note the Championship section will use Accelerated Pairings


Tie Breaks and Titles

This year's Championship has a restricted range of titles available in the weekend format before a return to a nine round tournament next time.

Tie Break: If 2 or more eligible players tie on 5/5 in the Scottish Championship the title will be shared. For any other tie, Tournament Performance Rating (TPR) will be used. (Please note that only those who are SCO registered and current CS members can qualify for the title.)

If the event is won by a non-SCO player they will be presented with the Open Trophy. The Scottish Championship title will go to the highest eligible player.



Friday 7 July
Round 1
7.00pm - 11.00pm
Saturday 8 July
Round 2
10am - 2pm
Saturday 8 July
Round 3
3pm - 7pm
Sunday 9 July
Round 4
10am - 2pm
Sunday 9 July
Round 5
3pm - 7pm

Prizegiving and closing ceremony immediately after round 5 has concluded.

Half point Byes are available in rounds 1 to 4 only. Please request when entering.


Entry Fees

Entry fee discounts are among the benefits available to Chess Scotland members. Please join or renew here.

Championship Open
Reserve U1800
Entry Fee Adult
Entry Fee Adult CS member
Entry Fee Junior
Entry Fee Junior CS member

CS Member Please claim the "CS member bonus discount £6" by selecting the "Yes" option in the entry form.

Junior A Junior discount of £10 is available to players aged under 17 at the start date of the congress. Please click the "Junior" option in the entry form.

Family Entries Two or more entries from the same family and address may deduct a further 10% from the entry fees. Please email to claim any online family entry discount which will be made as a refund.

Refund Policy Players withdrawing prior to the opening day of the congress may do so with a refund, less a £5 administration fee.



Grading 1
Grading 2
Chess Scotland reserves the right to alter prize money if less than 80 players


FIDE Identification Number (FIN)

This is a FIDE rated event so all players must already have a FIDE ID (FIN = Fide Identification Number) or make an application to be FIDE registered in time for the event. Chess Scotland can register players who are eligible for a Scotland (SCO) listing – eligibility rules here. Search FIDE player database here.

Please read the notes on eligibility at the above link, complete the application form on the Chess Scotland website and send to the Chess Scotland Rating Officer. Visiting players should apply for a FIDE ID from their home federation.



Results will be processed for the August 1 FIDE standardplay list and the new 2023-24 season CS domestic standardplay list. Results will count as the first event of the 2023-24 CS Grand Prix.


Rules of the tournament

1. The Scottish title shall be awarded by the Tournament Director, provided the following conditions are satisfied.

a. All winners must satisfy the Eligibility rules as defined by Chess Scotland.

b. The winner(s) of any Scottish Championship title must have a SCO registration with FIDE.

c. Scottish Championship titles are only awarded to players who are fully paid-up members of Chess Scotland.

2. Scottish Championships – Open event

a. All players eligible to win the various titles, (including Female, Junior, and Senior if played) will be clearly identified on charts at the venue.

b. Title winners must achieve a minimum score of not less than 30% of the total points available in all rounds of the competition, which includes byes and defaults. Requested byes after round 2 will not count in a player’s total for title purposes.

c. Titles winners must be a fully paid up member of Chess Scotland.

3. The Scottish Championship Director has full authority to invite non-eligible players to participate in order that more title norm possibilities are available for Scottish participants. b. Invited players will often be titled but may simply be of a higher rating to strengthen the average ratings of opponents for Scottish norm seekers.

4. All arbiters used at a FIDE-rated event must be currently licensed with FIDE, failure to do so will invalidate the event for norms and rating. The Scottish Championship event should, when practical, provide opportunities for arbiters to advance.

5. Time controls (currently a minimum playing session of 4 hours is recommended) and points scoring are under the control of the Tournament Director and Chief Arbiter and must be stated on the entry form.

6. Ties will be broken between players on the same number of points by using the players’ Tournament Performance Rating (TPR). Should there be a tie on TPR the Director/Organiser will have published in advance what other tiebreaks, if any, will be used and in which order they will be applied.

7. All play will be subject to FIDE and CS Fair play rules which can be accessed via

CS privacy guidelines can also be found at

8. There will be an appeals committee set up by the Chief Arbiter at the event, ideally prior to Round 1 which will consist of the most senior arbiter and 2 senior players selected from the tournament. When the arbiter or players are involved in any dispute alternates will be appointed from the remaining arbiters/players.



Photographs taken at the event may be used for publicity purposes. Anyone who wishes to object about having their photograph taken should please notify the organiser prior to the event.



Dunfermline accommodation with distance from playing venue.